Italian Music Review of McGoozer performance in Budapest

The following review was written in Italian ( ), but has been roughly translated below into English:


I break a silence that lasted “a few weeks”. During this time I had to think about the closing of my fourth book (which will come out soon). In the meantime, I saw some concerts. Including, yesterday, that of Tony Hadley (formerly Spandau Ballet). Now, I understand that mentioning one of the pop singers symbol of the eighties in a blog that should take care of prog borders on heresy … but there is a valid reason to talk about it. Despite my perplexities, it is undeniable that Hadley and the band are war machines. They fully met the expectations of the public, making it fun. Therefore, the concert was valid. However, the most interesting part was not the “rediscovery” but a “discovery”: a talented artist named McGoozer.
His pop was a revelation. Accompanied only by the guitar, McGoozer managed to give the audience of the Dürer Kert of Budapest an excellent opening for the main concert. Clean voice, good lyrics, McGoozer is a smiling and nice guy. A good driver. He played the role very well, managing to warm up the audience. After his performance, it was nice to have a few words with him. The good impressions that his music transmitted to me from the stage, were then confirmed in our cordial dialogue.
His record, “Songs from the Mirror”, is valid. Finally it is possible to listen to pop of well-balanced, balanced, which manages not to be trivial on one side and not even dispersed in nebulous claims on the other. They are 12 beautiful songs. A highly recommended album, especially when you are looking for quality music that is less demanding than the one we usually listen to.
The particularity of McGoozer is to be able to create good atmospheres, remaining, however, usable. It is as if we were faced with the enthusiasm of young bands, however, with the awareness and artistic maturity of the most refined pop. If you listen, for example, the song: “Close Your Eyes” you will notice how, despite being undeniable to say “POP!”, There is still an honest research work. At the first listening, while the previous tracks went without problems waiting for the second listening, for “Close Your Eyes” I felt the need to listen again immediately. As proof that the piece is powerful. Perhaps the best. It is as if the disk were divided into two parts: before “Close Your Eyes” and after. First good pop. Then the peak and the last two tracks that, although not at the same level as the tenth track, they are just a little further below. From the live performance I realized that McGoozer is a good musician. Moreover, from the record I understood that he could easily raise the shot at any moment. It is already very well, but the prospect of high growth margins is a strong point. For him as a musician and for us, as listeners. All is not lost. Luckily.🙂

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